Imago Cape Town represents a collaboration of passionate Imago practitioners wanting to give Imago Relationships a presence at the southern tip of Africa. We represent a local chapter of Imago Relationships in and around the Cape Town area and offer healing through dialogue and reconnection.

As Imago practitioners, we promote the mission of Imago Relationships International, which is to transform the world one relationship at a time and to create a new model for marriage and couplehood.

Working towards this mission, our hope for this website is to:
• provide easy access to information, such as finding help for your relationship, finding a practitioner, workshop / training information, and other Imago resources,
• promote Imago Relationships in our areas,
• provide up-to-date information of new Imago products and services,
• provide links to the regional and international Imago websites

A variety of Imago workshops are offered. Attending an Imago workshop gives you the ”bigger picture” of your relationship; allows learnings from experiences of other couples; augments your private sessions; provides space and time to achieve breakthroughs; opportunities to work on your own or with assistance; and allows focused time for your relationship.

Find an Imago therapist or facilitator in Cape Town

Imago Africa consists of a community of Imago Therapists and Professional Facilitators who are passionate about facilitating relational health.  Each Imago practitioner brings expertise and skills in teaching the art of relational living to assist you in making sense of your own relationship(s) and help you develop deeply connected, meaningful relationships, whether it be with your partner, children, parents, friends or work colleagues.

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