Imago KwaZulu Natal consists of a community of Imago Therapists who are passionate about the healing potential that exists within every relationship. We are trained to facilitate new ways of being in a relationship, whether it be a partner, your child or even your work colleagues.

Each therapist brings expertise and skill in teaching the art of relational living, and will assist you in making sense of your own relationship(s) and help you explore ways of deepening the connection and therefore optimise both the healing and growth opportunities.

Be assured that each of us has undertaken the exploration of our own relational journeys in the process which means that we do not only teach the theory but also apply the theory in our own relationships, thereby bringing it to life and living it on a daily basis. This explains why we are so passionate about this work – we have seen and continue to see the fruits of our consciousness and commitment to change in our own relationship(s) and know that the processes work.

We work to assist individuals, couples and families to become expert listeners because it is considered that communication is more about taking turns to listen than it is about taking turns to speak.

“Being heard is so close to being loved that for the average person, they are almost indistinguishable.” — David Augsburger

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Imago Africa consists of a community of Imago Therapists and Professional Facilitators who are passionate about facilitating relational health.  Each Imago practitioner brings expertise and skills in teaching the art of relational living to assist you in making sense of your own relationship(s) and help you develop deeply connected, meaningful relationships, whether it be with your partner, children, parents, friends or work colleagues.

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