Our parenting workshops are offered in a variety of formats - either a series of 8 weekly classes for parents, a weekend for parents and their children (ages 7-14), courses for parents, teachers and children at school, or short introductory talks. This is a step by step, experiential programme suitable for parents of children of all ages, other significant caretakers, educators and counsellors.

This programme is about developing & improving the quality of the parent-child connection, as opposed to being a parent-centred or child-centred programme. The programme focuses on becoming a more mindful, conscious and responsive parent, in-tune with what your child needs from you.

The parenting programme is based on the best-seller, “Giving the Love that Heals”, by Harville Hendrix, PhD and Helen LaKelly Hunt, PhD, and incorporates Imago Relationship Theory, with insights from latest research in neuroscience and child development. The programme is delivered by certified Imago practitioners. There is also a one-day condensed format of this programme.


Have you ever felt like your kids are pressing every button you have?
You love them with every part of your being, and yet they can push you to the extremes of frustration!
Then you hate yourself for over-reacting, and over-compensate to feel less guilty?
You love those moments of connection and laughter and yet the best is when they are asleep?

Imago Africa are hosting a Parenting workshop for Parents AND kids on 6-7 August at Ducks Country House Henley-on Klip.

This two-day workshop is for either or both parents and children between the ages of 7 and 14.
It is an inter-active, fun and experiential workshop where families will spend time growing and learning together. Using Imago processes of mirroring, dialogue, high energy fun and appreciation the parenting space can be transformed.
Michele and Carol are both parents and have had vast experience with their own families as well as working with children and their parents with a combined experience of over 30 years!

People who have attended their workshop in the past have said:

“I learnt to hold hands instead of hurts”
“Ground-breaking and eye-opening approach that will help us to develop healthy and happy children”
“Every family needs to attend this workshop in order to grow together”
“I learnt to be a present parent rather than a perfect parent”
From a 14 year old – “see the change in your family …”


Ducks Country House is a perfect venue for this workshop where children can enjoy the open space right on the river, feed the ducks and explore. You can either spend the weekend, or it is an easy commute from Johannesburg.

R4500 per family or R2000 per person or R3000 per couple

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