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  • You feel disillusioned because you can’t seem to meet “the right person”
  • You are in a marriage/partnership & want to learn more about the unconscious agenda you bring to your relationship
  • You are divorced and struggling to discover “what went wrong” and “what can I learn from my past”
  • You are widowed and searching to “begin again” but aren’t sure how to be in another relationship
  • To break away from those patterns (both good & bad) in your parent’s marriage that you have unknowingly internalized as your only acceptable relationship mode
  • To recognize the “wounded child” syndrome that may make you place unrealistic expectations on your partner without ever realizing it
  • To understand the areas in which you are vulnerable as a result of unmet childhood needs
  • To learn how you sabotage relationships to protect yourself from fears & anticipated hurt
  • To let go of painful emotional memories, grieve & say goodbye to former love partners
  • To achieve the mature, nourishing & enduring love that can immeasurably enrich your life

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