A Hero’s Journey – A Love Letter from Imago Africa’s Chair

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Apr 27, 2020

A Hero’s Journey – A Love Letter from Imago Africa’s Chair

A Hero’s Journey – Reflection and looking forward

by Sonia Kruger (Imago Africa Chair)

You don’t need me to say it…. You already know it!  Life changed overnight. With the arrival of the most unwanted, uninvited and unwelcome guest called COVID 19, we are all forced to be part of the “Corona Affair” as I call it.

Contemplating where I am in all of this, I remembered Joseph Campbell’s book: “The Hero with a Thousand Faces”, and all the fuzziness disappeared, replaced with a transcending clarity. I know where I am and where we all are…

We are all heroes on a personal journey…

We are all heroes on a collective journey…

Even though we are uncertain of the future, we can be certain that this is our heroic journey!

“The hero’s journey always begins with the call. One way or another, a guide must come to say, ‘Look you’re in Sleepy Land. Wake. Come on a trip. There is a whole aspect of your consciousness, your being, that’s not been touched.  So you’re home here? Well, there is not enough of you there.’ And so it starts.”

Dare I say that Corona has come to be our guide!

“There is what I would call the hero journey, the night journey, the hero quest, where the individual is going to bring forth in his life something that was never beheld before.”

What I know, is that we are all on this new path together, where this journey gifts us with adventure, where welearn, where we conquer, where we transcend and where we experience victory. May we all be transformed!

With this introduction, I want to take you on the Imago Africa Board Journey,  briefly looking at the past and then invite you to envision with me the journey going forward.


This past year has been an incredible journey, one with many highlights:


  • Attending the Imago Conference in Vienna (May 2019), with no less than ten delegates from Southern Africa!

  • Making new friends along the path:  Meeting Prof Vera Roos from Optentia Research Focus Area, Faculty of Humanities at the North-West University (Vaal Triangle), has ignited a research journey where some of our very own are participating in the first trans-disciplinary post-graduate qualification in South Africa with a dedicated focus on relationships.  In addition, others are enrolled in a PhD program at the Daybreak University in California, USA.

Prof. Vera Roos

  • At the hands of our expert trainers, Michele Naude and Kobus van der Merwe, we proudly boast many Training events for embarking on the Imago Path as well as Advanced Training opportunities for those looking for extra adventure.

Imago Clinical Training, Cape Town group: 
Francois van der Linde, Dr Megan Campbell, Nina Toohey and Michele Naude

Imago Clinical Training
Kobus van der Merwe, Hendrien van der Bilj, Mizane Pieterse, Dr. Pierre Jacobs, Linda Mthenjane and Vuyelwa Mtimkulu


Imago Professional Facilitator group:
Theresa van Niekerk, Karen van Zyl, Sid Katzeff,  and Kobus van der Merwe 
Elvis is in the building (aka John Mortenson)                      Attuned Therapist Training in Windhoek with John Mortenson


  • The journey crossed many oceans several times…

Brilliant at the Basics Training in Sydney, Australia facilitated by Kobus van der Merwe

Brilliant at the Basics Training in France.  Facilitated by Kobus van der Merwe

Sometimes we had friends who traveled from far away to join us on our path. Sue and Brett Wintgens joined hands with Imago Africa and presented a four-day EcCT training in March.



Saying thank you and not goodbye. 

The past year has also left some deep footprints as some of our beloved Board Members leave the Board.

           Savanthika Pillay left her mark especially with her many thought provoking, socially
           relevant and inspiring newsletters, doing Imago Africa proud even internationally.
          Mariaan Uys, queen of Branding and Vice Chair left her footprints; her passion burning
           for Imago even while being ill and hospitalised.
             Stefan Uys, Treasurer, kept us in line with his accurate, meticulous bookkeeping
              and his clear male voice.
              Tildie de Villiers, who took a step back since December 2019, made huge efforts to
               update and connect with the Gauteng members as Gauteng Chapter Head.
This new term, with this heroic journey, gives us all to new awareness, new reflections and new paths.  The words “For the Community, By the Community”, sums up the vision.  By us all sharing our essence, our time, our expertise, our passion, we gift our community with the ability to pay it forward.
The New Board (2020-2021).
The AGM which took place on 17 April 2020, marks the beginning of this new term and thanks to the “Corona Affair”, it happened online!  It is my absolute pleasure to introduce the fabulous Imago sojourners who are serving you this term, with all their hearts, energy, expertise and creativity:
Executive Board:     
Chair – Sonia Kruger
Vice Chair – Pieter le Roux
Marketing – Fred de Villiers & Hendrien van der Merwe
Treasurer – Francois Gerber
Training – Kobus van der Merwe & Michele Naude
Secretary – El’Marie Grove
Other Essential Board Members:
International Liaison – Carol-Ann Dixon & Johanri Engelbrecht
Chapter Heads – KZN, Cape, Gauteng and Namibia respectively:
KZN – Cathy Haselau
Cape – Theuns Stofberg
Gauteng – Marlene Flett
Namibia – Hilze Strauss

If you want to contribute by sharing your time, energy, expertise and creativity, we want YOU!  We welcome you to join our board meetings every last Wednesday of the month.


1.  Nationwide Online Chapters.  On 13 May 19:00, our very own Kobus van der Merwe will be presenting “How to use tension and empathy between couples as a force for transformation” at our very first nationwide Virtual Online Chapter (VOC)!
2. Imago International Conference, 1- 3 October 2021.
Imago Africa will be hosting the Imago International Conference in Cape Town next year and our theme will be “The Art and Science of  Connection”. We have a brilliant Conference Planning Committee and the plan is to host this event in-person (depending on the “Corona-affair”) AND/OR virtually. We are also very excited to announce that our line-up of speakers includes
– Harville Hendrix and Helen La Kelly Hunt (co-founders of the Imago Relationship Theory)
– Dr Stephen Porges (originator of the Polyvagal Theory)
– Sue Carter,  Sue Wintgens and many more!
Watch this space for more!
3.  Community Support.  We have the wonderful ability to connect and support the community online and bridge the geographical gap by hosting online support groups:
  • The Group as Expert hosted by Michele Naude.
  • Community Communologues hosted by Marlene Flett.
  • Intoroductions by the Chair: Weekly introductions for paid members for referral & connection purposes.
  • Online Supervision possibilities. Regular and available peer supervision with any other members of the Imago Africa community through whatsapp, Zoom online meetings and one-on-one meetings.
  • Availability of online & F2F Advanced Training.
  • The Community Chat Group.  Sharing resources, connection and sometimes fun too.
  • Support and encouragement for Facilitators and Therapists in training.
  • Online Presentations by Members: Marketing exposure and sharing expertise.

4.  New Website.  Watch this space for news on our brand-spanking NEW and IMPROVED website with many benefits such as listing on Imago Website Directory which result in referrals and opportunities to profile your practice and workshops.

5.  Discounts:  Members receive special discounted rates for selected training offered by Imago Africa.

6.  Involvement on the Board: Your voice counts and is welcomed. Please contact us if you want to get involved!

7.  Face to Face Chapter meetings: When free movement is permitted.

8.  Branding. Access to Imago branding for advertising, business cards, logo, power-point templates and letterhead.

9.  Marketing. Access to Imago Africa’s social media pages to advertise your practice and/or workshops – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn. Members are invited to share their expertise around different proposed topics throughout the year by writing and posting articles or blogs.

10.  Receive informative newsletters. 
And there is more….

11.  Friends of Imago.  There is always room for Friends of Imago.  If you are not a facilitator or therapist and you love being part of this community, we value your support.  As a friend of Imago you are welcome to participate in our community events, receive our newsletters, share in our collective expertise and enjoy our support.

ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP For Therapists and Facilitators for maximum benefits.

During the Board meeting, held on 2 May 2020, the annual subscription date was amended from 1 January – 31 December to 1 March – 28 February.  The reason was to give members a breather, as most of us have many obligations at the beginning of the year.
  • Membership fees: R1000 annual fee.
  • Payment options: Once off R1000 OR two installment of R500.
  • If you have already paid your membership for 2020, you are all paid up until 28 February 2021!

Complete this form for membership of Imago Africa community. Click here for the form and e-mail completed form to El’Marie at info@imagoafrica.co.za.

If you consider yourself a Friend of Imago and would like to support us and what we stand
for, we welcome any donations.

In Closing: The “Corona Affair” brought us Lockdown and gifted us this time to experience “dichotomous truths” as Kelly Chausovsky, put it.

Reflecting on the uncertainty and gratitude, the fear and the hope and much more, I witnessed this community coming alive in such a supportive, connecting and unifying way. We are already living the vision.

I look forward to hearing from you.
Much love,


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Account holder:  Imago Africa
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Sonia Kruger
Sonia Kruger
I have been an Imago relationship therapist for the past 25 years which has equipped me with extensive experience and many rich learning opportunities.