Feb 25, 2020

IA February ’20 Newsletter : CAN’T BUY ME LOVE

My grandmother had a way of speaking plainly and directly. When my older sister and my cousins were of marriageable age, based on her own lived […]
Feb 25, 2020

IA December ’19 Newsletter : QUO VADIS?

Given our propensity for reflection when facing milestone moments, like the end of a year, I hope to offer you something practical to help you think […]
Nov 25, 2019

Imago Africa Newsletter November 2019 : PLAYING POSSUM

“It is no measure of health to be well-adjusted to a sick society.” Jiddu Krishnamurthi 09 October 2019 was World Mental Health Day.   Social media used […]
Oct 2, 2019

Imago Africa September Newsletter

LIFT AS YOU RISE (Credit to Bonang Mohale for title) THE ART OF VOLUNTEERING   Dear Reader, Definition volunteer:  A person who works for an organization […]
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