Oct 28, 2017

A relationship is a relationship is a relationship

Love is not a respecter of persons. Gay or straight, a relationship is just that! AS IT TURNED OUT, THE DAY WAS PERFECT; NO WIND, NO […]
Oct 21, 2017

The Long Shadow of Patriarchy

Read Terry Real speak to the problem of patriarchy, masculinity and invulnerability and how we help men reconnect with their humanity and vulnerability   Long.Shadow.Trump_Networker http://relate.terryreal.com/terry-real-the-crisis-of-masculinity-webinar-replay/ For more […]
Jul 8, 2017

6 Phrases More Important Than, “I Love You”

“I love you.”   It’s one of the most sought after phrases in the world. The things people will do to hear someone say, “I love […]
Jul 3, 2017

Our childhoods are mirrored in our adult relationships – the effect of developmental trauma

How common is developmental trauma? Developmental trauma is more common than many of us realize. According to the National Child Traumatic Stress Network, 78% of children […]
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