Helen Anderson

I am a Counselling Psychologist and a Certified Imago Therapist, and I am passionate about helping couples to find each other again!

083 7780772
Joelene Conradie
Tildie and Fred De Villiers

A couple for couples! Tildie and Fred de Villiers are living their marriage adventure and sharing Imago with couples to embark on their own joyful aliveness. Their journey has taken them from the brink of divorce to the most wonderful shared space-in-between. Find them at or email

Carol Dixon


My time is split between South Africa and the UK, and I am also available for online sessions.
Please contact me on to make an enquiry.

Richard and I have been married for nearly 30 years.
Imago saved our marriage!

I first experienced Imago through Hedy and Yumi Schleifer in 2000 when my husband, Richard, and I attended a Getting the Love You Want couples workshop. I immediately “fell in love” with Imago and knew it was the answer to all my searching for a safe place to work on my relationship with Richard, as well as the best method to inform my own work with couples. I am continually learning and growing through Imago and have recently started to experience the “real love” stage after many years of journeying and doing the work with Richard. As Richard says – “we have learnt to think and be dialogical” and our dance is no longer characterized by reactivity. We are more and more responding to each other with deep understanding, conscious responsiveness and graciousness.

No relationship is perfect and indeed ours is not, however we both feel so much more competent and equipped to deal with issues and find ourselves closer than we have been for years! I love working with couples now because Imago Relationship Therapy has provided me with a tool box sine que non, and being able to offer couples the option of attending a workshop provides the flexibility and depth many struggling couples need to grow and heal their relationship.

I offer 2-3 day Intensive Couples sessions during which time I work with one couple to explore the dynamics of the relationship, help the couple re-connect emotionally, and facilitate ways of re-solving frustrations through the use of the Imago Dialogue.

I am available for online sessions as well as 2 day intensives.

Suzanne Duncan
Cape Town City Bowl

I am a Clinical social worker practicing in the Cape Town city bowl.
Go to to see the services I offer - and more!

Susan Eksteen

I work with couples that want to turn their conflict into connection and also with individuals that hope for a better life.

Andri Eloff

Marriage or Relationship has the potential to be a space of grace. In this space, two people meet and see each other in their brokenness, witnessing each other back into being ALIVE. Being Soul friends. Pastoral Therapist, Imago Relationship Therapist, Theologian and Spiritual Director.

24 Sangster Street, Worcester

Johanri Engelbrecht
Forest Town, Johannesburg

My therapeutic work continuously strengthens my belief in people's resilience. I work with individuals, couples, families & groups, run workshops and 2-day intensives for couples.

+27 82 448 0271
Clive Evian

I work as a couples/relationship therapist/coach/guide. I work with couples to assist in harmonising their relationships and developing a more conscious, alive, safe and intimate relationship. This may involve couples who are in crisis and experiencing intense disconnection. I also work with those who may want more for their relationship/marriage and to deepen their connection and intimacy. I help to engender relationship intelligence and skills for long term relationship health, I have been inspired by the Imago couples therapy philosophy and the Encounter Centred Couples Transformation (ECCT) approach. I'm also a medical doctor and I concentrate on the relationship therapy work. I love the solitude of the wilderness, doing photography, cooking and gardening and my wife Sara and I have been married for over 30 years.

Angela Fox
Cape Town

Angela Fox
Couple and Family Therapy
PR 0101796

The quality of our relationships has a significant impact on our happiness and physical health. If we feel disconnected and misunderstood or are struggling to cope emotionally with our lives, we can quickly feel despairing and alone. Some problems just seem to escalate or repeat themselves without being resolved. My great passion is bringing healing to people’s relationships with others and within themselves. I help my clients, who include children, teens, individuals, couples and families, to find greater emotional freedom, inner security and resilience, as well as helping them to build and maintain healthy relationships so that they can know themselves as peaceful and meaningfully connected with others.

I am a registered, experienced psychologist and have been trained in a range of therapeutic frameworks including Systemic and Psychodynamic therapy. Because I am so passionate about creating healthy, conscious relationships, I have undergone additional professional training in Couples work: Imago Couples Therapy, Emotionally Focussed Couples Therapy, and Encounter-Centred Couples Therapy, as well as additional professional training in Parent and Family therapy.

My therapy sessions are 50 minutes or 80 minutes, and I also offer 2-day Intensive Therapy for Couples.

I am a certified Imago Workshop Presenter and offer the following Imago workshops:
Getting the Love You Want, (personally developed over a 16-year period by Dr Harville Hendrix PhD, and based on the bestseller book of the same name)
Connected Parents, Thriving Kids, which is for any adult (parent, caregiver, teacher or professional) involved with children of all ages.

I live in Cape Town with my husband and my children. My own personal experience in my marriage, as a parent and as a past teacher and trainer, have also enriched my professional work.

Contact me on 082 670 8399 or
You can also visit my website on

Lindsay Hardman

I am a registered Counselling Psychologist and Imago Therapist in private practice in Randburg, Johannesburg. I work with both families, adult individuals and couples and am most interested in the helping people find connection and growth in their relationships.

Catherine (Cathy) Haselau

I am a social worker in private practice. When I qualified, I worked at the Dept of Social Welfare dealing mainly with teenagers with family problems. From there, I worked at FAMSA for 7 years doing marriage counselling. During this period, I completed my Masters Degree focussing on marital and family therapy. My thesis was examining the effect of being self-employed on marriage. I started my private practice in 1995, and I qualified as an Imago Relationship Therapist in 2005. I have also supervised and lectured 4th year social work university students during this time. As a result of this, I completed my PhD in 2016, and the topic of my thesis was “Marriage in contemporary Zulu society: implications for couple counselling”.

031 2055955
Sonia Kruger

I have been an Imago relationship therapist for the past 25 years which has equipped me with extensive experience and many rich learning opportunities.

Merle Lifson-Dettori
11 Disa Street, Sedgefield, Western Cape, 6573

As an IMAGO Relationship Coach and Registered Holistic Clinical Counselor, I offer a safe and supportive environment and a practical and integrated approach to inner healing, guided by the belief that we all have within us our own innate wisdom, and that the difficulties and challenges we face always provide us with the opportunity to grow in understanding and consciousness, and through our pain and our suffering, become more whole, healthy and authentic human-beings.

I married late in life at the tender age of forty-six for the first time and was, more than less, very happily married for seventeen wonderful years, thanks in part to my husband and I both choosing to participate in the IMAGO process, until my husband passed on.

I am extremely passionate about my work and about IMAGO methodology. I believe that relationships provide us with the most powerful vehicle to do the work on ourselves and by default on each other. Working with couples using IMAGO methodology is a major focus in my Practice and I find the work both challenging and almost always, satisfying and rewarding. I also work in the areas of Bereavement, Grief and Loss including the Loss of a Pet, Anxiety, Depression and Stress Management, Terminal Illness, Trauma and Personal Development.

It is my belief that communication, ultimately, is a function of the soul and that intuition is seeing with the soul. This is what guides and informs my life and my work. My goal in life is to become a better human-being, a better therapist and to become the person my dogs believe me to be.

Hilda Lösch

Experience as a Clinical Psychologist for more than 20 years with, for the last 10 years the main focus on Imago Therapy as the foundation. Working with couples, families and individuals to improve relationships. This is achieved by focusing on the development of self-reflection and personal insight. To understand behavior, triggers and reflections. Use listening to understand, reduce reactivity and build relationships. This enables relationships to move from being disconnected to wholeness.

Michele Naude

I completed my B.Sc (Psychology Major) at the UKZN (Pietermaritzburg) in 1988 and went on to complete my Social Science Honours at UKZN (Durban) in 1992 and my Social Science Masters in Clinical Psychology at Rhodes University in Grahamstown in 1995. I have been in private practice since 1996 and work with individuals and couples, have an interest in depression, anxiety and grief counselling, and my orientation is largely psychodynamic.

My first experience with Imago was as a client in 2004 when my marriage was in crisis; through therapy we learnt how to connect and communicate more effectively.

Imago Therapy provides a safe forum for expressing relational frustrations that can be transformed into growth and healing opportunities. The “Getting the Love you Want” Workshop is a wonderful 2 day workshop which explains why we are attracted to our partners and teaches ways of resolving ruptures in the relationship.

I love Imago because it makes so much sense and because it provides powerful processes for healing and growth. I am passionate about the healing relational possibilities it presents for us with the relationships we enjoy, as we work daily to become conscious and intentional individuals.

I am a Certified Imago Therapist , Workshop Presenter and International Clinical Instructor and together with my colleague Carol-Ann Dixon run regular weekend workshops for Individuals, parents and Couples which are truly transformational and connecting experiences.

I offer 2-3 day Intensive Couples sessions during which time I work with one couple to explore the dynamics of the relationship, help the couple re-connect emotionally, and facilitate ways of re-solving frustrations through the use of the Imago Dialogue.

Savanthika Pillay

I started my career in social work, moved to a corporate environment where my experience was largely customer and communications based. Facilitation and coaching was a very conscious choice for me. Having worked in the corporate space, and having managed people, I found that the most difficult aspect of any job was rarely the work but usually the relationships between people and the differences and conflicts between them. This was so whether on a collegial level or on the level of reporting lines. Managers struggled to build cohesion in teams and were particularly challenged and unskilled when conflict inevitably reared its head. Employees struggled in corporate spaces and either felt alienated or victimized. Blaming and shaming were disguised as conflict and relationship management.

The foundation and intention of my interventions, whether in a work space or in a personal relationship space seeks to achieve the ffg outcomes
1. Developing self reflection and personal insight into one's own behavior, triggers and contributions
2. Listening to understand
3. Reducing reactivity
4. Relationship building

When we experience safety and empathy in our own relational spaces, we develop the capacity to provide it to others. I work with individuals and corporate teams in their professional relational spaces and with individuals, couples and families in their personal relational spaces.

Sydney Sejeng
Pretoria Gauteng

An IMAGO Therapist passionate about connection and aliveness between couples. A seasoned Pentecostal Pastor loving people and very strong in relationships.

082 557 0628
Hilze Strauss
Windhoek, Namibia

I offer two-day intensives for couples to do in-depth transformation of their relationship. I assist a couple in moving from disconnection to joyful living in connection.

Cornelia Swart

I am a registered Counselling Psychologist and Imago Clinical Relationship Therapist. I am also completing my training in EFCT. I have a practice in Sunninghill, Jhb as well.

Elmarie Ungerer
Mariaan Uys
083 525 9382
Kobus Van der Merwe

Winner of the Harville Hendrix Award for Clinical Excellence 2016. Twenty Three years experience in Imago Couples Therapy and workshops. Married to Anita for 25 years.

Mari Van der Merwe
Parklands, Cape Town
Margy Wakefield

I am a senior Imago clinician and workshop presenter. I am also Encounter Centre Couples Therapist having completed the 3 year master class in 2017. The services I offer are two day private intensive couples sessions; a making amends process after a rupture; and a goodbye process in the event of divorce. I also offer two day couples workshops and two day singles workshops. These courses are available in South Africa, Brisbane and the UK.

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