Imago Africa is having “Safe Conversations

Imago Africa are currently working towards bringing Imago to a larger platform in South Africa such as, schools, communities and organisations.  We are developing programmes, researching opportunities and sourcing funding.

Safe Conversations Lamontville South Africa

Right after completing my Imago Clinical training, I had this dream to take the work to Africa! I had a vision of bringing healing and consciousness to African communities, townships and villages! This dream has remained in my heart for all these years, as the Universe prepared both myself, and many other people for the right time to come. Without me knowing, there were other things happening in the wings. Harville Hendrix was working on his Safe Conversations programme.

Then in February 2016, Safe Conversations Dallas was launched by Harville and Helen, and I knew the path was cleared for the African version … click hereto read more.

Should you be interested in supporting or joining our projects team, please contact Carol-Ann Dixon on 082 463 1467.

For more information, please watch this video clip on Safe Conversations:

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