An Imago session is very different from other counselling sessions. The therapist/coach focuses on the relationship rather than on the individuals in the relationship. It is an experiential process where understanding, consciousness, compassion and connection are facilitated through dialogue. The sessions are developmental where growth and learning takes place in a structured and safe space.

  • To experience confidence in the Imago process
  • To make decisions about the status of your relationship in a respectful and honouring way
  • To learn the Imago skills in the context of a private and safe space
  • To focus on specific relationship needs beyond the scope of a workshop
  • To strengthen and practice skills already learnt at a workshop
  • To understand your unique Imago journey
  • To maintain and regulate effectiveness in your relationship
  • To learn advanced Imago skills
  • To benefit from structured facilitation of dialogue
  • To ensure momentum after a workshop is not lost

A typical Imago session involves the experience of really being heard and understood. In a couple session each partner sits opposite the other and they take turns to listen while the therapist or facilitator supports and encourages connection through the skilled use of Imago tools. Couples are able to share both positive and challenging aspects of their relationship with each other while the Imago therapist guides them towards deeper understanding, less reactivity, greater empathy and more conscious awareness of self and their partner. The work is done by the couple and skills are learnt in the session which can be used effectively afterwards. The structure may be the same in each session; however the content is specific to the couple’s unique and personal relationship. In individual sessions, the Imago therapist will facilitate consciousness and growth through application of the Imago dialogue and other effective tools. Expect to feel heard, and to learn to listen with new ears.

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