Imago Africa consists of a community of Imago Therapists who are passionate about facilitating relational health.  Therapists are clinically trained and have a previous degree either in Psychology, Social work or Pastoral counselling. They are also registered with their own professional boards – e.g. Health Professional Council of South Africa.

Each Imago practitioner brings expertise and skills in teaching the art of relational living to assist you in making sense of your own relationship(s) and help you develop deeply connected, meaningful relationships, whether it be with your partner, children, parents, friends or work colleagues.

See below Imago Africa Therapists in Training:

Dr. Megan Campbell

I am passionate about couples work, helping people to find healthier ways of being, in their significant relationships, through better connection. This is why imago therapy spoke so strongly to me. There is a tendency to get stuck trying to solve the problems in our relationships. We forget about the opportunities of connection that pass us by everyday. Using imago therapy I help couples to slow down, visit in each others' worlds and reconnect through understanding and empathy.

Cape Town
076 318 2739
Dr Elaine Fourie

I am an Industrial Psychologist and I have spent many years working with people in industry. I have also done a lot of work in trauma recovery. I am now semi-retired and I have turned my attention to couples counselling. About two years ago I was introduced to Imago Relational Therapy and I was so impressed by its power that I completed the clinical training and an international training program which works with the principles of Imago and adds the experience of a two day intensive session, to support the traditional sessional model of counselling. Since then I have not only encountered the healing power of Imago in my own life, but in the many couples who I have met in my counselling room, who have been healed. I am passionate about Imago and committed to healing families and restoring joy where things were broken and dark. I firmly believe that if I can heal a marriage, I can heal a family, and I can bring functional and effective parents and children into society where they can achieve their highest potential. Working with Imago is the most challenging and the most fulfilling work I have ever done as a psychologist.

Jessica Laubscher

I was raised in a close-knit diverse family that stimulated my curiosity and love for people. After matriculating, I started my tertiary studies at Stellenbosch University in BA Humanities and completed a Masters in Clinical Psychology at the University of the Free State. Currently, I work as Independent Practitioner in affiliation with Netcare Hospital, Kroonstad. I facilitate healing in children (ages 4-12 years), adolescents (12-18 years) and adults; as individuals, couples or families.

Leah Richmond

I am a Registered Trauma Counsellor based in Ladysmith. I am currently practicing Imago under supervision and enjoying the incredible journey.

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