Our trainings are designed for therapists/facilitators to develop proficiency in the Imago approach to working with couples, individuals, families and organisations. The Imago Clinical Training or ICT (formerly Basic Clinical Training) will provide you with an overview of the theory, and essential skills for working with couples. Whether you are a new therapist, or a seasoned clinician, you will find this training to be of great benefit in your work with couples.
We have numerous Advanced Trainings to help you deepen your skills working with couples, and also for those who are interested in applying this work with individuals, groups, and parenting. Many clinicians choose to do the Advanced Trainings and become “Certified Advanced Clinicians”, and some go further to become Workshop Presenters. We are here to support you on this journey, wherever you choose to take it.
Our training is conducted by Clinical Instructors Kobus van der Merwe and Michele Naude.
Imago Africa enjoys close relationships with internationally recognised trainers with whom we collaborate to bring events to South Africa.

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